it@cork Web2.0 Conference

Event type: Conference

Date: 2006-06-08

Rating: 5 out of 5

Tom, Catherine and all the team at IT@Cork put on a fantastic half day Web 2.0 conference on Thursday.

The geek dinner the night before set the scene perfectly - thanks again to Damien and all the organisers of that and Stormhoek for the wine. I finally got to meet Damien, Donncha, Gavin and a few others who I had previously only known through their blogs like Branedy and his lovely wife. Shel and Salim were both very entertaining and I had some great chats with Walter, Fergus, Joe, Rob and Breffni.

The conference itself was a very nice mix of gentle intros to Web 2.0, deep technical presentations and insightful forecasts of where it was all going. Tom was, as ever, an excellent MC for the day and the necesary number of digs at certain other conferences were duly made by most of the speakers.

It’s only a pity that with the great weather, we didn’t think to have a CorkCrunch BBQ!

I’ll review each of the conference sections separately due to the wordiness of these posts.

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