As you have probably seen on a variety of blogs, Damien, Walter and myself are going to arrange BarCampIreland in Cork on September 30th in WebWorks. We had a meetup last night and a few important things came out of it.

Firstly, we need to get the message out about it to far more than just the Irish blogosphere. So if you work in any tech company in Ireland, please let your peers know that it is on and get them thinking about interesting topics they’d like to have discussed in an environment that is about sharing ideas and learning rather than “experts” talking at people. We’ll be posting a formal “what is BarCampIreland” soon so that a consistent message can be given.

Secondly, we’ll obviously need sponsorship for the event. We already have Nooked (thanks Fergus), Infacta (thanks Jonathan) and Microsoft (thanks Clare)for which we are hugely grateful (and to Eoghan McCabe for the logo). Again, the formal message will make it a lot easier to broach this with employers or firms you know who might like to be associated with BarCamp. The sponsors do not need to be tech companies. Those who can sponsor by providing their wares are equally welcome (food, beverages, t-shirts, signage etc).

There’ll be a lot more detail over the next week or so. In the meantime, just to re-iterate, if you are talking about the event at all, please tag it with BarCampIreland.

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