As regular readers will know, I’ve had the sxore comment system installed on this blog since April. I’m a serious fan of what the sxip guys are trying to do with sxore and I’m convinced that the requirement for both identity and reputation systems like it will grow and grow.

Readers will also be aware that I’ve had a love/hate relationship with sxore due to the bugs and lack of non-essential but useful features like “recent comments” for Wordpress. So last night I bit the bullet and turned it off. This means that any comments made on the blog since April are currently offline and I will no longer know who the Dick is on my site.

The sxore guys have promised me a DB dump of the comment data so I can do a bit of ETL on it and restore the comments to Wordpress itself. I’ve also been fiddling under the hood of the sxore plug-in a bit to see how it retrieves the comments from the sxore site and presents them on the blog. But the commitments of building the new business mean I’ve only played a little.

It was a worthy experiment and I will keep a close eye on sxore developments but for the time being it back to the standard Wordpress comments system. Let me know if there are any glitches and I’ll post an update when the old comments are loaded into WP.

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