We are really excited with the energy that is building around the first BarCampIreland. At one point we wondered if we’d get 40 people turning up. It is now at 103 with everyone from college students to technology gurus to VCs signed up. This mix is critical to having a rich and varied day for everyone.

We are wrapping up a lot of the loose ends this week but overall it looks like everything is in place for a great day in WebWorks. The sponsors have been very generous with both money and time and the event really benefits from having them on board.

Having said all of that, the success of the day is really dependent on having an enthusiastic set of speakers. We are now up to 20 but we’d love to see more. As we said over at the blog, if you don’t want to do a full 30 minute session then consider the Petcha Kucha session which only requires 20 seconds talk on each of 20 slides. If you don’t like public speaking then maybe do a live demo of some technology or tool that you love. Also, please continue to suggest topics you would like to hear.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Cork on Saturday.

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