Damien comes up trumps again with a wonderful idea that he calls “An Irish Tech Brain Trust” which would be an advisory board for Irish startups. I posted a comment where I said that I was interested from both sides of the fence and I think the same might apply to many others. Sometimes you could be giving advice, other times you could be seeking but always in a confidential and supportive way.

Have a good read of the post and a good think about the practicalities of it and please post your thoughts over on his blog. I really see this as complementary to the EI Mentor scheme and the services of the various BICs around the country. I can think of a bunch of people who would have so much to offer here and not just those who have “made it” already.

I know I’ve found the advice of others in Irish start-ups to be absolutely invaluable and I’d be struggling to get anywhere if it wasn’t for the pointers and help they have given me. You know who you are! Others may not be as lucky as I am to have easy access to such top notch people and something like The Brain Trust could be a big help in getting them moving on their ideas.

Now what do we do to get started on this? And I don’t mean that we look at Damien expectantly. Do we need a virtual BrainTrustCamp (BrainCamp is taken)?

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