If yours is the name at the end of correspondence to us, then yours is the name we ask for when we call to enquire about your letter. Those lovely harridans you have on switchboard in Dublin should then not say “oh no, he’s a director” and proceed to bounce us from one jobsworth to another. If you send letters from Dublin then expect us to ring Dublin. If that turns out to be wrong, then transfer us to Cork - I believe PBXes have had that feature for many years now. Your operators have clearly mastered the cut-off button.

A few simple tips for the Revenue: Put the name and direct line of the person who sent us the letter on everything you send us in addition to a reference number. Also put the name and number of the person who is job sharing with them. Spend a few euro and send all of your switchboard operators on a training course which cover the meaning of the phrases “public servant”, “customer service” and “manners”. Rather than the nonsensical “which department do you want?”, why not train them to ask “what is your query in regard to?” and “do you have a reference number?”.

Is the work of junior staff checked by supervisors? It was clear within moments of talking to someone competent in there that the missive we received from you today was entirely in error. You’ve just wasted 3 person hours of Argolon’s valuable time. Should we receive a tax rebate for that?

Finally, perhaps you’ve heard of decentralisation? Why then does a Cork based company with Cork based directors receive incorrect paperwork from Dublin? If you’re going to send us incorrect paperwork, I’d prefer to get it from Cork. We finally got to the very helpful Benjamin in the Cork office who sorted us out in no time. BTW, give Ben a promotion.

Yours Sincerely, Conor O’Neill Managing Director and Customer, Cork South West Revenue District

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