I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve finally put up the email collector on the LouderVoice holding page. If you want to be part of the trials, please sign up there.

The plan at the moment is that we’ll be inviting a very small number of people we know into the Beta1 phase in the next few days. This is because we know there are missing features and some holes in the exception handling but it is still a highly functional application and we want to get that initial feedback. The focus in that phase is around features not stability. Questions we will be asking include:

  • What features do you like?
  • What do you not like?
  • What’s missing?
  • Would you use the following if we implemented it?

We will then move into Beta2 in January with a much bigger group of people and with the functionality that the early group thought was top priority. We will continue to ask questions about functionality but the main focus will be stability and usability.

So who should sign up? Actually a few different groups of people.

  1. Bloggers - as many of you as possible. If you have one reader or a thousand, we want to hear from you. If you have ever written valuable information that you think others will find useful, then I think you'll like what we have to offer you.
  2. Searchers - During Beta the volume of content will be small but we'd love some enthusiastic testers to sign up and make sure you have everything you need to find and use the information on the site
  3. The Opinionated - If you don't blog but are willing to create interesting useful information which will always belong to you building your reputation, then we'll provide the tools you need to get heard.

So go on, we’re sure you are going to love this site and the only thing you need to provide is your e-mail address. We promise never to use it for any purpose other than inviting you to try the Beta. We will never sell your e-mail address to anyone.

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