In one short year we’ve gone from building web-based datacenter management and planning tools for our customer’s customers to starting our own web application development and getting ready to launch it. If you’d asked me a year ago where we’d be today, I would probably have said “doing the same thing as now”. I love being wrong.

The launch of the Structured Blogging initiative last December kicked off our interest in microformats both as end-users and from a business perspective. We struggled with viable business ideas for a while and it was the Web 2 conference in April in Dublin that finally made all the pieces fall into place. In particular, the talk given by Judy Gibbons of Accel Partners was an epiphany and made me realise how we could successfully deal with the inevitable competition.

The infamous Web 2.0 conference in June was the trigger for us to finally say “we’re going for this 100%” and it’s been a wild six months as a result. Yes we’re behind schedule but we’re as confident now as we were in June that LouderVoice is going to be a major success.

Where will we be in another year’s time? Hopefully struggling desperately with scalability and fighting off potential investors. If we entered 2006 with some trepidation for the future, we are entering 2007 with all cylinders firing and ready for a fantastic busy year.

Happy Christmas all.

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