I’m starting to become very dubious about the supposed free FON offers that keep popping up. When the very first offer appeared quite a few months back, I applied, and got nothing. I mentioned it to Antoin who said I needed to reply to some email that I had been sent as a confirmation. So I did, and I still received nothing.

I finally gave in and actually bought one and it works fine.

Then I was at Le Web 3 in December and part of the schwag was an offer for a free FON router. I thought “why not?”, always good to have a backup. I went to shop.fon.com and entered the code, gosh, guess what? “invalid promotional code”. I mailed support. No reply. I tried again yesterday, code still invalid.

C’mon don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk. FON really need to start writing Free as “Free”. Reputation is something hard won and easily lost.

UPDATE 1: Brainwave. Sign up as a new user, remove spaces from promotional code, free offer works! Clearly whoever runs FON used to work for a bank, ye know the ones where you get better deals if you are not a customer.

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