John Collins recently blogged that ROS no longer supported Firefox and he was unable to get support from ROS on this. I ran into the same problem last week and just used Internet Explorer instead. However last night I tried to logon and got the same problem as Firefox i.e. no error, just sent back to login screen over and over.

There are no commonalities between IE7 and FF apart from one - Sun’s JRE. I’d recently installed the latest v6 JDK. Sure enough when I uninstalled it and went back to v1.5.0_09, all was well with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I’m not sure who to blame with this, ROS or Sun. To be fair to ROS, they have been very standards compliant over the years and are still using a Baltimore Security Applet from many moons ago so my guess is that Sun have broken something.

If you get the auto-upgrade message from Java for v6 and you use ROS, decline the upgrade.

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