I cannot see a downside of using this service.

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    03:10 on Jan 26 2007 by Argolon Solutions Team



I ordered my Roam4Free SIM card yesterday and got it this morning! Pat and the boys obviously understand customer service.

Just popped it in the phone and it connected to Meteor. Interesting that I wasn’t asked for a PIN (on my unlocked Nokia N70). I rang the new number that I was given (+37253166646 if you want to ring me when I’m abroad) from the landline and after a small delay I was connected to my mobile.

Very very slick!

Calling out is a little less seamless but works fine as long as you ignore what the phone tells you. I rang the landline from the mobile (including +353) and got an error message from the phone. But a few seconds later my mobile started ringing with the incoming number being it’s own (if you know what I mean). I answered it, got an instructional message and then the landline started ringing and the connection made.


On a slightly related note, I tried Jajah yet again on the N70 and it makes the phone almost unusable by interfering with the normal operation of standard keys like “hang-up”.

Back to Roam4Free: You receive free calls in 65 countries with your caller paying standard rates to roaming mobiles (or much lower rates using something like SkypeOut). You can use it in 115 countries. Making a call whilst roaming costs e.g. 50c in the UK, France, Spain. The rates for the US are high (€2+) in both directions but I believe they are working on that.

It’s €20 for the SIM including €5 call credit.

With savings like the ones they are offering, I really think Roam4Free is going to be a huge success.

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