Richard Hearne has made a great offer to all nominees in the Irish Blog Awards. He will do a short free SEO analysis of each of our blogs if we are interested.

I don’t think I need or want it on my personal blog as I have tons of incoming traffic on that site due to high Google rank for several of my “long-tail” posts. That blog is also 6 years old in April.

That leaves this blog and the LouderVoice one (with Argolon being used for the link on the Blog Awards for best Business Blog). Over the next few months I’ll be putting a lot of work into the LV one and expect to drive up the traffic simply by virtue of the launch of our actual Web App LouderVoice. But I still intend to keep Argolon alive and kicking and discussing business and technology issues that are not necessarily directly related to LouderVoice.

So the basic facts about this blog:

  • The business focus is anything to do with being a small web start-up in Ireland. The technology aspect is pretty wide ranging but generally around structured content, digital identity and Web2

  • The target audience consists of all other Irish tech bloggers and the global community of tech and business bloggers with the same technology and market interests as us

  • Started blogging in April 2001 personally. June 2005 on Argolon

  • was registered in December 2003

  • I tend not to see any other blog as competition but as members of the same/similar conversations. Some of those are:

      * [Eirepreneur](
      * [Web2Ireland](
      * [Keith Bohanna](
      * [Bernie Goldbach](
      * [Tom Raftery](
      * [Ben Barren](
      * [Vecosys](
      * [Marc Canter](
      * [Fred Wilson](
      * [Brad Feld](
      * [Andy Sack](
      * [Haydn Shaughnessy](
      * etc

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