I paid a fair chunk of cash for an N70 last year in the expectation that it would be the solution to all my mobile app needs for the foreseeable future and replace things like the Tungsten T. Overall it’s a fine but slow phone and there are some nice applications for it (Opera mini being particularly good). But one thing that is annoying the hell out of me is that every new announcement from Nokia seems to only be about Series 60 version 3 phones. Are the N73’s etc really that much different from the N70?

The latest slap in the face for existing customers is their Smart2Go application (as reported in The Register)which looks really impressive by providing mapping and route planning on your phone. Whilst they fully support all “Generic Windows Mobile 5” devices, they only support five of their own most recent phones. It’s amazing that I have to go to a Nokia site to find the best ad ever for buying a Microsoft powered phone.

Those Compact III Windows Mobile 5 devices from Vodaphone UK (made by HTC) look really really good - built in keyboard, Wifi and only £260 on eBay unlocked. If they had GPS they’d be perfect. Oh, and of course they run Smart2Go.