James over at Eirepreneur has very neatly brought together the idea of Coworking with Twitter. He has taken the Twitter feeds of a set of Irish developers and freelancers that he knows and spliced them into Grazr. It provides a single combined feed of a set of people who are all in Ireland, work in similar areas and know each other to some degree.

It gives that extra bit of socialisation that freelancers need. I’d love to see people who are starting out in this business in Ireland being added regularly so they get an immediate sense of being part of a group. I have slagged off Twitter many times but seeing the broadcast chatter of that sub-set of people goes some way towards mitigating the lone worker isolation.

Combine it with real Coworking and you have something very special indeed. Each Coworking location would have its own feed and you could subscribe/unsubscribe depending on where you are on a given day. Anyone for coffee?