I read a LOT of material about startups, entrepreneurs, funding and technology but Paul Graham’s “Why to Not Not Start a Startup” is one of the smartest things I’ve read in a long time.

I constantly wonder why we don’t see more startups in Ireland, particularly by young people who have little to lose. Here are all the reasons Paul gives why YOU aren’t doing it, and shows why most (but not all) should be ignored:

  1. Too young
  2. Too inexperienced
  3. Not determined enough
  4. Not smart enough
  5. Know nothing about business
  6. No cofounder
  7. No idea
  8. No room for more startups
  9. Family to support
  10. Independently wealthy
  11. Not ready for commitment
  12. Need for structure
  13. Fear of uncertainty
  14. Don’t realize what you’re avoiding
  15. Parents want you to be a doctor
  16. A job is the default

This should be mandatory study material in every Institute of Technology and University course on business and technology in the country.

Can we call it the Entrepreneur’s UnManifesto?