We had the second Cork Open Coffee meet-up last Friday. As expected the numbers were down slightly but I was thrilled to see that over half the faces were new and we had some great additions to the attendee profile.

I had hoped when we kicked off OpenCoffee here that it would not just be about web people doing web stuff but would reach out to other technology business areas. So I was delighted to say hi to someone working in telecoms, to a developer from the Bay area (no not Bantry Bay) and to two people, new to the region, who work in multimedia and video production. Add to this our first attendee from a corporate finance background and I think we are on the right track.

We’re working on getting the word out to those in the Soho Solo programme and also to any of the ex-Moto people who are looking at doing start-ups.

As always, the main info page is at Upcoming.org and feel free to open discussion topics there.