Apologies for the lack of information forthcoming about Paddy’s Valley, the blame lays firmly at my door. Few quick updates:

  1. The dates have been decided, December 2nd to December 9th
  2. we now have [an official blog](http://paddysvalley.org/). Please subscribe to the RSS feed
  3. [Damien has listed](http://www.mulley.net/2007/06/14/paddys-valley-what-exactly-do-we-want-to-do/) some of our ideas
  4. Even if you signed up on the old wiki, please [re-sign up here](http://www.formspring.com/forms/paddysvalley-registration)
  5. We're going to set a cut-off date for sign-ups very soon and we will probably be asking for a small deposit to cover basic expenses between now and the trip
  6. Enterprise Ireland will help us with getting access to people in the Bay area
  7. More Soon!