Look at the lineup (form Web2Ireland.org blog):

  • Mashup University - Monday 10th/Tuesday 11th
  • Mashup Camp - Wednesday 12th/Thursday 13th
  • Paddy’s Valley Meet-up- Thursday 13th
  • DemoBar and FOWA Road trip - Thursday 13th
  • OpenCoffee - Friday 14th

The Mashup Camp and Uni really looks like a wonderful four days. Only €25 nominal sign-up to learn a ton of stuff. If you are a developer and you are not attending at least one day of this, you missing out on something special. Don’t forget the IBM competition too.

Thursday the 13th is the night when start-ups can shine. Not only do you have the opportunity to demo your app to your peers, there will be a bunch of influential people in the audience too. Who knows, it might get you a slot at FOWA. Make sure to [a] apply to demo and [b] sign-up on Facebook.