OK here’s the deal.

On Thursday September 13th, an event called DemoBar is being held. This is a chance for 10 web startups to demo their product to an audience consisting of their peers, the press, Irish investors, UK investors, Enterprise Ireland, the Future of WebApps conference organisers and a bunch of other people.

Not only that but we’ll be announcing shortly on the Web2Ireland.org site that EI is arranging for a pitch training session that afternoon for both Paddy’s Valley attendees and DemoBar participants. As a result you will be going into DemoBar ready to nail the audience with a killer pitch.

If you don’t sign up to DemoBar and I ever hear you complain in the future about:

  • How hard it is to get noticed by the press
  • How it is impossible to get access to investors
  • How EI never does anything useful
  • How you can’t present at something because you don’t know how
  • How there is no tech community here

I will ridicule you publicly every chance I get.

Sign up now for Demobar and Pitch Training by emailing your details (and a very short elevator pitch) to web2ireland DOT editor AT gmail DOT com

Closing date is Friday.

You have been warned.