I was sent information about a very meaty looking three day seminar organised by GPS Ireland in the NMCI facility of CIT in Ringaskiddy. It’s on from 22nd-24th October.

Day 1 is aboout Fundamentals of GPS/GNSS and is open to anyone interested in seeking conceptual and detailed explanations of GPS technology, operation, capabilities, applications and development trends.

Day 2 is a follow-on from the first day and is about GPS Fundamentals & Enhancements. It will also provide specific information on Galileo including: Architecture, signal structure, system performance characteristics, spectrum use, current issues, system growth potential and future.

Day 3 has two parallel sessions. You can either attend GNSS Principles for Electronics Engineers or GPS for Software applications. The latter shows how to connect a GPS receiver to any computer (desktop to mobile), read the data stream and process/store the results.

It is clear that GPS will become an integral feature of most mid to high end phones over the next two years. Location Based Services will finally come of age. This seminar sounds ideal for those who want to find out what the core technologies are all about.