Founders of start-ups tend to spend a lot of time griping about things. I could write an essay on how it took from Aug 28th to Dec 3rd for Enterprise Ireland to issue a document needed to get us BES approval. Instead I’d like to focus on the positive part of that story.

On Dec 3rd, EI shuffled the paperwork-exercise out the door and it arrived in the Revenue Commissioners.  Our solicitors also submitted our RICT outline application around the same time. From everything I’ve heard, the guys in Revenue were deluged in the last few weeks of December with these applications. Despite this and despite it being in the run up to Christmas, Cillian Byrnes and the team issued our Outline Approval on Dec 18th.

The Argolon team would simply like to thank the BES/SCS team in the Revenue Commissioners for their efficiency and understanding of the urgency of getting approval before Dec 31st. I have always found them to be helpful, informative and utterly professional in my dealings with them. I hope they have a quiet Q1!