Gordon Murray of eWrite was asking on Twitter this evening what people thought of the idea of him documenting publicly the development of his new product and the business around it. In other words, blogging about it, warts and all.

I think it’s a superb idea and could be of great benefit both to his business and to others who read it. If he can build a good readership then it could become a focal point for people to discuss lots of the standard issues around building a technology business in Ireland.

Of course there are major challenges around time, effort, confidentiality, business sensitive information etc and he’ll have to take stock of these before embarking on it.

It has already been done most famously by Ryan Carson with Bare Naked App which followed Carson Systems as they built the very successful DropSend application. I think it’s about time the same thing was tried here.

But what do you think? Head on over to the poll on PollDaddy and let him know.