We’re really excited at Argolon HQ to announce that we’ve been accepted on to the Genesis Enterprise Programme. We’ve had lots of dealings with both the Rubicon Centre and GEP over the past year through Cork OpenCoffee and have been thoroughly impressed with the whole operation.

I’ve presented LouderVoice to Denise Kennedy, who runs GEP, twice over the past 18 months. I can honestly say it didn’t go well the first time. We were completely caught up in the technology whilst the business was almost an afterthought. After 18 months of building LouderVoice, making mistakes, going down dead-ends and having successes in surprising areas, my second presentation went down much better!

We know we have a lot to learn as a team. Two people with a background in Engineering Project Management need to broaden their expertise, particularly in the areas of Sales and Marketing. Our aim for the 12 months on Genesis is to come out a much more rounded team with an even more compelling proposition than we have now.

The list of distinguished alumni of Genesis gets longer and longer. Every one of them I’ve talked to has thoroughly recommended it. Here’s to a great year.