The SBP has an excellent supplement about Cork in today’s edition. Hopefully it’ll make it onto their web-site at some stage. Caroline Allen dedicated the entire back page to start-ups and include quotes from CorkBIC, Rubicon Centre, it@cork and Argolon/LouderVoice. The full piece is well worth a read, particularly considering the same message was coming loud and clear from us all. Hopefully someone in Government will read it and get that message!

Here’s a rough scan of my thoughts as a start-up founder, Genesis alumni, organiser of Cork OpenCoffee and editor of


One quote which didn’t make it into the SBP but which is critical to my thinking:

A bottom-up approach has to be taken, contended O’Neill. We need to give the maximum number of people a chance to succeed, rather than cherry picking.

UPDATE 1: After some old-school cutting and pasting, I have scanned the entire article as a PDF. Enjoy.

UPDATE 2: Some coverage of the piece by Bernie Goldbach.