You won’t regret it. Even my old clunky HTC G1 with the latest bleeding edge community firmware is now a great phone. Be sure to buy some spare batteries on eBay tho.

Well bloody done Meteor for being first to launch an Android phone in Ireland. Three seems to have dropped the ball with launches recently (possibly due to all effort going into the National Broadband scheme) and this is a real coup for one of the smaller mobile operators. Once I check 3G coverage where I live, I might seriously consider moving from the dreaded Vodafone.

One of the worst aspects of the Android Market is the search feature, which is about as ironic as it gets, since Android comes from Google. I am also concerned that paid Apps are not available in Ireland yet which cuts out a lot of really great applications. Does anyone know when they are enabling paid-apps here?

So if you are wondering what apps to install, here is the full list on my phone:

  • LouderVoice Reviews - of course
  • AK Notepad - good note taker
  • AndFTP - super FTP client
  • AndNav2! - a clunky/ugly but usable mapping app based on the OpenStreetMap data
  • Apps Installer - so you can install applications outside of the Android Market
  • Barcode Scanner - Does what it says on the tin
  • BeyondPod - A great podcasting app
  • Cardiotrainer - Fitness app
  • CM Updater - For the latest Cyanogen community firmware
  • Compare Everywhere - Incredible barcode scanner and product finder
  • ConnectBot - SSH
  • Evernote - For the site of the same name
  • Facebook - mobile version of site
  • Foursquare - Social Game/Location app
  • Google Skymap  - mind boggling view of the stars
  • KeePass - For passwords, works with great PC app
  • Layar - Virtual Reality App
  • Listen - Google Podcast app. Not as good as Beyondpod
  • mAnalytics - Google Analytics
  • Meridian - Video player
  • Google My Tracks - Brilliant GPS trace recorder so you can upload maps to OpenStreetMaps
  • OI File Manager - Copy/move/delete files
  • Pixelpipe - Media uploader to Facebook/Twitter/Blogs/etc
  • Google Places - Great business directory
  • Qik - Stream video live from your phone
  • Remember The Milk - Brilliant to-do app which I use online all the time
  • ShopSavvy - Same as Compare Everywhere
  • Skype - Not full Skype but good for IM
  • Task Manager - See what’s running on the phone
  • TubeStatus - Live status updates from the London Underground
  • Twidroid - Powerful but heavy Twitter App
  • Twit2Go - More lightweight Twitter App
  • TwitterRide - And another
  • Ustream - Like Qik. Has never worked for me on Android
  • Vespucci - OpenStreetMaps editor
  • Video Player - Plays videos
  • Weatherbug - Weather based on your location
  • Wikitude - Virtual Reality App
  • Wireless Tether - Use phone as broadband modem over Wifi or Bluetooth
  • YouTube - Videos

If finding apps on the Android Market proves too awkward, you should check out AndroLib which is a web-based copy of the Market with tons more features.

Hope that’s of some help.