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We have just launched a new partner program paying out substantial commission and bonus payments to web professionals, developers and marketers that refer customers.

LouderVoice is Ireland’s largest and longest standing provider of Review & Rate (R&R) solutions to e-businesses. These solutions give customers the ability to post reviews of a products or services on the website they bought from. R&R tools are seen by market analysts as one of the most important tools for any website serious about online business*.

Our system is delivered using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model which scales effortlessly with a company’s online sales growth. Installation can be as simple as pasting a line of code on a web-page and typically takes less than an hour.

Since 2008, the company has sold direct. On March 1st, we suspended our direct channel and now only sell through partners.

We recognise that companies with serious web businesses already have suppliers they trust to manage the ongoing development of their e-business. We now exclusively support these partners in delivering the hottest web tool of the year to their clients.

We offer an extremely rewarding commission and bonus program. Partners that have 50 customers can earn as much as €7,200 in their first year and larger partners, with 200 customers, can earn over €35,000 within 12 months. Plus, we pay an ongoing commission for the life of the customer.

Launch Partners include WebtradeWSIHotel ConsultGranite ConsultingDigital CrewMonsoon ConsultingTNS Distribution and

As our VP of Sales, Karl Llewellyn tells our customers: ‘All serious web business should have a Review & Rate tool on their site, today. They are missing out on sales without it. We provide our partners with all the sales material and support to allow them convert the maximum number of their customers; all they have to do is implement one of our ready-made campaigns.’

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*26% of US e-businesses surveyed use an R&R Solution with a further 73% citing customer reviews as being an investment priority in the next 12 months. Jan 2010, Forrester Research