We sent out this press release yesterday:

The purpose of the event is to provide a picture of the status and temperature of the web scene in Europe. The sessions will have a mix of upcoming and hot web companies - some will be pre-funded, raw start-ups, others will be well-funded and well-known.

“This as an incredible opportunity for us to attract further funding from world-class investors.” said CEO, Conor O’Neill. “Our plan to grow LouderVoice into a pan-European community-driven site for finding, writing and sharing reviews will be compelling for this audience”

Each showcase company will make a five minute pitch to an expert panel of VCs and business people and to the entire audience which will contain many high profile European investors, journalists and other entrepreneurs.

LouderVoice will share the stage with some of the other hottest web-sites in Europe, including Jaiku and Zubka to discuss “Bringing people together in trust based environments: the next wave of online communities”

I hope to see you there!